old, old, old…

I was flipping through my illustration files as while ago and found this:

Only a few years old, but still different from what I’m doing now. But I’ve always liked it, and the imagery–done as a cover for Fairport Convention’s album Liege and Lief–even despite that it had come out with a different tone from the original sketch. But when I went to go find the physical piece: poof! It wasn’t there. All the others were there, from the same period of time. But not that one.
So I’m going to do it again. But I’ll improve upon it.

Good news..!

Yay! Finally!

After 3 months of waiting, I now officially own lauraguill.com.
The previous owner only used it for the email address (I think), but it finally lapsed at the start of November. Then my bid on it went into affect, and it took this long to transfer everything over to godaddy. I’m very thankful that my total effort in this was purchasing the domain name.
However. While godaddy sent me frequent updates on the transfer, there were moments when I thought I wasn’t going to get it. Or I would have to buy it again. Bleh.
But I have it now, and it just means that I’ll have to get on that new website- *wink wink.* Currently I’m working on a separate portfolio page for Adobe Illustrator and design samples, as an extension. But at some point I will have Flash in my hands, and a new website will be born…

oh snap..!

I was trying to get out of the habit of drawing animals–I keep doodling cats that look mostly all the same.
But anyway, clearly my reading selections are influencing me. I’m currently reading Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman, the sequel to American Gods. Part of the story is the ancient gods living/appearing as average citizens, hence the thought above. Though it’s probably more in line with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which is juvenile fiction with a different plot line, but a similar conceit.
However it came about, the resulting idea was Medusa at a coffe bar, diddling with her smartphone. Or a young business woman who feels as though she’s Medusa..
Hopefully I’ll continue to expand on this idea…maybe it’s the kind of thing that’ll lead to a few satisfying new pieces. Plus, it’ll get me into sketching more.


I wish so hard I wasn’t under-qualified for this.

It would be AMAZING. Penny Arcade. Oh man.
I might still apply, if I can work up the guts. I’m really only lacking XHTML, javascript and 2-3 years of experience. But I really need to put together an online portfolio of non-illustration items– like website and graphic design work, typography, Illustrator samples. Which I have, I just need to spend the time building a simple page to attach to my website…