moving on up…

I have quite a few things to post, although some of them are rather old…I was fairly busy for a bit there, then it slowed, then I went on vacation, and then this past week I worked furiously to prepare for a craft fair! And there’s been a decent amount of things that ought to have been shared, but weren’t.

But I’ll be photographing a bunch of things to sell on etsy this next week, so I’ll try to post them as I go. Most of them I’ve shared before, but it was interesting to collect all my work in one spot. But onto the craft fair: my friend, Elise, for whom I did the LU+MA logo (her display is in the last photo), asked if I would want to sell with her at Shop Party. It was the first I’d heard of it, but it was a craft fair in a a local park, complete with live music, beer, and some great vendors. 

(Not sure if I’m a fan of this slide-show plug-in. It’s either the images really big, or a bit too small. Still testing.)

While I didn’t quite break even–the only things that actually sold were the cards (the cheapest thing, of course)–overall, I really enjoyed the experience. Because a. it was a great opportunity to get involved in the local art community, which I haven’t done before now, b. I had to get everything ready, but because I didn’t sell much here, I have a lot of products prepared for later, and ideas for more. And lastly, c. I got a lot of great feedback from the crowd. Nobody really splurged on a painting (not a surprise, though)…but I was able to talk to a number of people, and well, TOTAL CONFIDENCE BOOSTER.

It was nice to remind myself I’m not working in a bubble. Hard to remember sometimes.

I was also able to trade with one of the other vendors–she loved my little raven. The poor guy’s been languishing in my etsy shop, and so when she mentioned she wanted him, I jumped at the chance to trade. I’ve never actually done an artist trade before…so it was a bit of fun for me (eee!). Plus, I got two really neat necklaces in trade, and have a new contact for any future fairs.

Although I participated in the CCA Winter Fair last year, I was really unprepared for that one, so I didn’t feel very positive about the experience. But this time, though I was aided a bit by that first experience, went so much better. Yes, I didn’t sell enough, but no, I didn’t feel unprepared. I had a heck-load of merchandise, had remembered to bring change, and created a great display. And that was good.

Post Script: It was really, really hot. And we forgot an umbrella or tent, though I brought my parasol. I got sunburned! Just a bit, but enough to go “Yay, summer!” …even though it’s the middle of September. Something to remember for next time…

Also for next time: today I signed up for Square, which I think may help encourage sales next time. Limited cash can always be a turn off, especially when your goods are priced higher.

And I asked Elise if her brother would be willing to make me one of those neat stands, like in the last picture up there. Because I want something to display my paintings without having to rely on too much table space…but also not too much money, like an easel would cost. Hope this happens.

deerie me…

The second, female victorian deer. So strict!

Next, I have a, well, it was supposed to be a small design project for an etsy banner and some tags, but ended up adding on a business card design and icon. Additionally, there was a bit of struggling to explain how many changes I could allow. There was this, and then that, and this and that, and since I’d already allowed one huge overhaul of the logo, I couldn’t give her as many rounds of edits as wanted. Instead, to kind of make up for it, I adopted the design into a few other items for her to use.

But in the end, I think we were both happy with the result.

Her etsy banner. Her name was initally elicas, but she wanted to rename the store after her kids. But etsy doesn’t let you change your name so…instead we just went for a rebranding and logos, which she didn’t really have before.

A little icon to place on shipping labels, etc. She primary sells hats featuring a big button, and recently has included leaves in a similar pattern to above.

Originally, she wanted tags, and she liked three (out of 4) of the designs I sent her, so we did all three.

As the dimensions were the same as business cards (except for the little cornered details), I just removed the tag outline I’d created and gave her three cards.


oh deer…

Hi again! While I will be cross-posting this to the existing blogspot, I hope to be using WordPress for all may major stuff in the near future. It’ll take a bit of getting used to, but I think it’ll be good.

That first one is oh so cliché… but I love him! I’m planning on a companion female deer as well. I really wanted to do a portrait style piece because I found this great paper with a fine, wallpaper-esque print. But as I’m not that great drawing people…they became deer.

Would the moose in a blue plaid shirt be too much? For some reason I keep thinking of him as more hipsterish…and less lumberjack. I’m looking forward to painting him–with the size of those antlers, I think it would be great to allow them to break the frame and overlap onto the mat.

Another miniature, for a friend. The blue-ringed octopus, who does have the necessary 8 legs. However, I think I’m going to move leg 7 to the back with 8, because the two mimic each other very closely. Octopuses don’t actually express this much movement with all their legs at the same time, but it creates more visual interest.

On my last visit to Aaron Brother’s, I found a whole bunch of shadow box frames on sale. I’m really excited to see how my work would look in them–the only problem is none of my current pieces are the correct dimensions, so I’ve been trying to get myself to sketch something that would. I want it be a vignette, so it can float in the center, as well as be more elaborate than what else I’m currently doing.

But every time I tried to put pen to paper, I stuttered. I’d like to embellish the sketch a bit more, but I’m happy I got something down.

I have a few other things going as well… One maybe close to finish, but unfortunately, the final design might be out of my hands. I’d say more but this client is driving me a bit nuts. I don’t want to say anything that might get out of hand. (Grr)

Well, hey there…

I’ve been lax updating….but mostly cause I have been working, though really not on stuff to share here.

But here’s a few things:

I did this pin project while working at my design internship with afstudio design. It was a fundraiser project for the Boys and Girls Club of Marin. I hadn’t really intended to do until I had THIS GREAT IDEA, where a giraffe circled the pin. It kinda worked out…though maybe not as well as I’d hoped, but that was really my fault. I didn’t spend enough time on the template to ensure everything would lie flat against the surface, but truth be told, I didn’t want to put too much effort in, or it would have taken me forever. It still looks cool though…


Two more minis:
The raven’s on sale in my etsy store, but the tapir was a commissioned piece for my friend Brynn. I love adorable!